Guided Tours

During our tours we include the best food & drinks, accommodations and most other expenses. Refer to summer or winter packages to see what’s included and what is optional. On the road we drink together, laugh together. The experience how we got to feel this country is the same we want to travel in it, and going on the road as friends is how we do it. Every car has a guide from our team. Nevertheless, for those who want to drive, go for it. We made a perfect lay-out which you will find below. However, keep an open mind. Georgia is a country of spontaneity and it is best enjoyed in that way. Catch the true feel of Georgia, with a road trip incomparable to any other road trip. Our vintage Soviet-era cars take you to the most spectacular places while enjoying the magnificent Georgian nature. You will experience the intriguing country and its lovely people. Most tours are organized on the dates requested by you/your group. Contact us to reserve these dates.


The winter season is knocking on our doors. Georgia is undiscovered, home to the highest mountains of Europe, fresh powder snow, lifts without cues and empty pistes. During this tour accommodation, all meals and unlimited drinks during dinner are included. We will also provide you with high quality Ski's or a Snowboard and of course a ski pass. You won't have to spent any money once your on the road with us:). Besides, we will also make sure you get to know Georgia in its most authentic sense, staying at a family guesthouse, having traditional supra's and get in touch with the oldest wine culture in the world!


Depending on the season, we can paraglide, raft, ride horses, canoe, visit music festivals and/or get some airsoft action (bio-friendly game, think of paintball) going in the Georgian steppe plains. Since each group has its own these are the only extra costs you will have, let us know what you’re interested in and we will let you know the details. On the bottom of the travel packages you can find a little more info on these activities.

Soviet Architecture

Get off the beaten track and discover the hidden Soviet treasures of Tbilisi. Soviet architecture is as unique as it can be peculiar and surreal. In order to totally dig into this Soviet structures and landscapes we, of course, solely use Soviet vehicles during our tours. We have Lada’s, Volga’s as well as Soviet era motorcycles; Dnepr’s & Ural’s.

PDFs With Tour Descriptions

7-Day Summer Soviet Car Tour

7-Day Wintersports & Wine Tour

Soviet Architecture Tours

Pricelist (per person)

Group size 7-Day Summer Soviet Car Tour 7-Day Wintersports & Wine Tour
3 €1,130 €1,200
4-5 €1,085 €1,100
6-7 €1,000 €1,100
8-10 €944 €1,000
11-13 €890 €1,000

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