Our fleet consists of a variety of Soviet automobiles. Among them, the classic Lada's, Lada Niva's 4x4 and a GAZ-24. Please contact us for a noncommittal invoice.

About the cars

‘’Lada’’ is the export name of a Russian mass-produced automobile officially called ‘’Zhiguli’’. A breakthrough in soviet car industry, which was trying to catch-up with western world. The attempt was made with starting the production of an outdated fiat model. And it never got much better ever since. Soviet citizens used to pay enormous amounts of money and time. Normally it took several years to finally get an automobile. Chances to get a new one in case of unrepeatable damage or loss was practically zero. Therefore, Soviet citizens started to really look after their cars and taking care of them. The cities of the Soviet Union got flooded with garages and tents to keep rain and snow out of their beloved iron children. In most cases the owner of a Lada didn’t use the car during winter in order to keep the free from rust. During the Soviet years the average car owner was positive that he was going to have his Zhiguli for the rest of his days. And actually in many cases the cars outlived their owners. Travel by any Means, owns some of those vintage Soviet-era automobiles and is trying to bring them back to the condition in which our grandparents left them. The few Sunday afternoon hours they could spare went into polishing the minor scratches and vacuuming the interior. Nevertheless, the Zhiguli’s used to look like they just came rolling out of the production line, while we as kinds were playing around them.

Nostalgic love and admiration of simple and utilitarian design brought us to the business of Lada Rental & Tours. We hope while driving with us you will get a part of the feeling described above and you will always smile while fighting with the non-hydraulic steering wheel of our old beauties.

About the people behind the cars

Travel by any Means consists of a mixed team of Georgian natives and Georgian adopted natives, the latter originally hailing from the Netherlands. Our friendship is at the core of our business ventures. Working alongside your buddies creates the best results, and it makes it easy to have a lot of fun while getting those results.
Combined we have around 10 years of experience in touring Georgia, besides travelling with our Soviet cars, we also do it on our Soviet-era motorcycles and BMW Enduro motorcycles.