About Us

Our regular team consists of Alexander Pkhakadze, Willem van Houten and Evert Brolsma. Alexander Pkhakadze, born and raised in Georgia, is our Mechanical wizard who knows everything about anything with an engine. Don’t let his looks fool you: he’s not as stupid as he looks and has been working with cars and motorcycles all his life. He even ran a motorcycle-mechanic shop in frik’n New York for 2 years.

Willem is a Dutch guy who’s becoming more and more Georgian by the day. He’s been living in Tbilisi since 2014, speaks the language well, and knows about all the hidden gems. Working in the past at the Dutch embassy (don’t mention this too often if you want to keep him in a good mood), at various bars/restaurants, some part-time acting (check out the video and don’t try to laugh too hard). The last couple of years Willem has been the main tour guide for Mototravel Georgia-Tbilisi: touring around the country on a motorcycle to share the beauty of it.

Then there’s Evert, a fellow Dutch guy who actually is as stupid as he looks. Since 2015 he has been going front and back to the country, but he was too chicken to actually go out and burn his bridges. In 2018 he finally grew a pair and did it: he gave up his job in the Netherlands to make it in the promised land. The most recent addition to the team excels in telling random-ass stories that are guaranteed to at least make you giggle from time to time. He knows his shit, to some extent.